İsmail Eğler

1983, Istanbul, Turkey

Graduated from Yıldız Technical University Interactive Media Design Programme, he has worked with variety of media such as photography, video and graphic design. He started his post-graduate studies in FH Joanneum, Media Programme (Graz, Austria) in 2010. With his first solo exhibition “Limits and Errors” in Graz, he has shifted his practice from design to arts. Since then, he works extensively on time-based installations, attends artist-in-residence programmes, participates in exhibitions. He currently lives and works in İstanbul.

Nezih Vargeloğlu

1983, Ayvalık, Balıkesir, Turkey.

He studied Phsics in the Faculty of Science & Art at Trakya University then Art Management in the Faculty of Art & Design at Yıldız Technical University. He has been attending computer terchnologies, interior decoration design and implementation, object design and displaying technics. He worked for various museums and galleries and now doing visual intallations.He is living in İstanbul.

Görkem Elbir

1999, Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey.

He studied architecture at Marmara University, BA. He is interested in painting, calligraphy, illustration. During his education he has attended numerous exhibitions and competitions.He still lives and works in İstanbul.