y o ğ u n l u k, founded in 2013 by İsmail Eğler, Nil Aynalı, Elif Tekir and Nezih Vargeloğlu as an Istanbul based art collective, focuses on production of art in its relation with the space. Main motivation of the group to discover unique spaces curate exhibitions where contemporary art blends with spatial experience. Various media forms (such as visual, sonic and tactile) are used to create spatial arrangements and atmospheres which redefine the qualities of the particular space.

y o ğ u n l u k organized their first exhibition ‘Axis Mundi’ in 2014 at Adahan Hotel. Following that, y o ğ u n l u k organized the exhibition ‘Suruhu’ at historical Byzantine cistern, Nakilbent located in Sultanahmet (2015). In the same year a mist installation (Sublime) situated on the façade of Zorlu PSM, by the invitation of Artnivo, was displayed. Again in the same year they were represented in Antalya Architecture Biennial with the installation ‘Zamansız’ located within historical Gavur Hammam. In 2017, they participated in the 15thIstanbul Biennial with the work named ‘The House’, open to public at their own studio. “Kadar” took place in 2019 which was a spatially sui generis, holistic and inclusive experience within the intersecting fields of performance, art and architecture. It’s premiered in Istanbul Theater Festival and allowed its visitors to witness the performance in small groups.

Group recently focuses on distinct exhibition formats and interactions with the visitor.

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