A  challanging project has been commissioned from Yoğunluk Art Collective whose works are known in relation

with space & spatiality and between sensory modes. Commissioner asked how would the Collective produce an artwork

which will be a part of an art magazine both as an e book and as printed hardcopy. 

To overcome this problem Yoğunluk primarily had to face with two challanges.

The first one is to endeavor to enframe the practice of the collective into a 2d surface. 

However its ironic that Yoğunluk's practice specifically encompass its visitors into a given 3d space

and reveal site specific situations within time based parameters. 

The second challange is its also required to make this effort as a document of an ebook material 

which means to de-materialize the content.

This conditions for sure degrades the material abilities of the collective as well as the spatial ones.

Yoğunluk's approach in this circumstances is to extract the whole content out of the material and its process.

But still it needs a more radical move; to de-materialize it as a time-based mode of representation.

Category: Editorial, film, periodical

Commissioned By: Sergen Şehitoğlu

Medium: High quality silicone, paper, single channel film, sound, 2020

Camera & sound: Nezih Vargeloğlu, Ismail Eğler,

Silicon making & film editing : Elif Tekir, İsmail Eğler