July 30th Saturday – 18:00 

Timeless: Yoğunluk initiative is invited to join Antalya Architecture Biennial 2015 with site-specific installation. Because of their sensitive approach to space choices the initiative have decided to apply a site-specific installation which is called “Timeless” and requested to use an old Turkish Bath which has been closed for 20 years.
Within this talk; situations that initiative have faced in 12 days -from the first day that they get into the borders of Antalya to the last day that exhibition starts- and the decisions and taken solutions according to these situations will be investigated.
After a brief explanation about conceptual content of this project, the talk is moving on to risky preferences that the initiative has faced through project process like how their actual design decisions on paper that they prepared before coming to Antalya was not suitable for the current circumstances of the space and how this situation led them have local support as well.
Also other precise problematics like how the elasticity is provided in this kind of projects that focuses on experience in historical spaces, which actions can be tolerated up to which levels will be discussed in this conversation.