KADAR; an atmospheric performance proposal

Proje Difüzyon is working on a spatial performance project based on the William Shakespeare’s play, King Lear. Acting, direction and dramaturgy works of the project are undertaken by Proje Difüzyon and the space’s design and placement aesthetic, using the existing space as a “site” with its contextual and physical circumstances to create the spatial construct and to allow the experiencing of the space in time (scenography) are undertaken by Yoğunluk Art Initiative. 

In the project named “Kadar”, the aim is to offer a spatially sui generis, holistic and inclusive experience that can be witnessed within the intersection of performance, modern art and architecture fields. 

Space is seen not as a homogenous container but as an organism constantly in motion that cannot be separated from what is in it. In this organism, the actors’ and actresses’ motions and actions in the space, audience’s reactions and their existence itself, the time of day and climate, become equally important components.

As both initiatives, we suspended the project until we have found the specific space due to the project’s required diligence in terms of spatial qualities. After a long while of searching a space with its own unique flow of circulation, large staircase, wide partition and several stories, finally (approximately one and a half years) Kuzguncuk Pier has been decided upon, in consideration with its various advantages. When visiting the top floor of Kuzguncuk Pier, the powerful image of the Bosphorus, laying in parallel to the building’s original windows is revealed to the visitors. When the building’s sublime balcony is visited, an open air sighting becomes possible. The use of this pier located in such a central and fascinating location in Istanbul will enhance the quality of visitors’ sighting experience.

We believe Kuzguncuk Pier is an extremely fitting space for this project due to its architectural mold and location, and we plan to execute this project at this place, on November 13th2019 as a part of the 23rdIstanbul Theatre Festival, which we have been chosen to be included in with this project that exists between the intersection of spatial and performative arts.