The door opens into a darkness.
 Inside, the time is frozen.
 There is no present at all.
 Only presence is the darkness itself.

 You join it,
 Your eyes get accustomed to it.
 You start to see things,
 Things start to see you.

 How do you figure out that somewhere is a house?

 Things are not unfamiliar.
 But not familiar at all.
 They are like solid ghosts,
 Which belong to anywhere.
 Which belong to nowhere

 Your existence in this darkness,
 Makes the frozen time move again,
 In a distinct manner:
 Time doesn’t flow, it floods into the space.
 A sleepwalking body of light,
 The sounds awaken...
 Sounds from different eras leak from the cracks
 In this darkness,
 What is absorbed up to now, is being revealed.

 As you leave the house,
 The body of light withdraws into the darkness,
 The solid ghosts into their sleep
 And the space into its rest.
Conceptual Framework
(İsmail Eğler, Nil Aynalı Eğler, Elif Tekir)

Artistic Director
İsmail Eğler

Project Coordinator
 Elif Tekir

Duygu Saygı
Ozan Keşmer
Nezih Vargeloğlu
Büşra Hamzaoğlu
İlayda Keskinaslan
Öykü Türkan Didinir

Sergen Tertemiz 
Graphic Design
Duygu Saygı
Büşra Hamzaoğlu
Sound System
Produced with the support of SAHA. Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey