The cistern has been living under the ground with dark staircases, stone walls, inner rooms for over 140 years. There was a well hiding inside. Holding the water it collected underground, secretly, hidden under layers of cover.

The well woke up. The covers are opened one by one. The water inside flooded the space, the void deepened towards the other world. The well became axis mundi. Axis of both worlds... The flooded water expanded towards the old walls of the space, got the shape of the walls and stopped. Then it started to flow backwards, to the other world again. One way, from unknown to unknown...

But the axis of the space didn't match this axis. It stood in the middle of the space and the water as if it has something to say.

The space of the other world reflected on the walls of interior rooms as a dream. In the dream, earth and sky merged. The water has folded into a vertical horizon. The animated waves splashed two sides of the horizon. One room to the other.

The space of the other world stroke the room under stairs. Turned it upside down. There emerged a stair and a door. A stair that could not be climbed. A door that could not be entered. It made people of this world stop at doorstep.

Hidden spirit of the old cistern woke up 
one amongst thousands of spirits that were sleeping in the space has been awakened from its sleep.


Text and Curatorial
Nil Aynalı Eğler 

Exhibition İnstallation 
Batu Tarman (Tarman İnşaat) 
Şerafettin Şeker 
Bünyamin Hayal 
Şafak Das 
Nezih Vargeloğlu

Graphic Design
İsmail Eğler 
Nil Aynalı Eğler

Ahmet Eyüp Artır 




Thanks To
Gülden Canol
Lale Platin
Sedat Platin
Arzu Uludağ Elazığ
Deniz Vargeloğlu
Onur Tekir
Akif Eyler
Seher Eyler


The cistern will transform once again.
It will talk about the experiences of the ones who entered in and joined to it.
As it talks, the spirit of the space will fade away,
And what is told will remain.

A documentation experiment for Axis Mundi exhibition.
When mediums such as photography and video fall short to represent the spatial experience, these records which contains the personal experience about the space and the connotatioans and emotions triggered by this experience, create a memory regarding the exhibition. On the last day of the exhibition, all of the works were shut down and these records were projected to the main wall of the exhibition space.